Welcome to the Sky Office Tower

Exclusive and representative business complex that also has an urban importance for Zagreb as a recognizable landmark location. Two towers in theshape of glass lenses represent the individuality of each investor, while bridges that connect the towers introduce their partnership and synergy.

Dental services discount for employees working in Sky Office

Modern dentist office MendiDent, situated in the visually recognizable Sky Office Tower, offer complete dental service together with an individual approach and the most modern technology. Discount of 20% applies to anyone working inside the Sky Office Tower building.


Long or short term lease

Small and large spaces

You define the square footage

High quality, affordable prices

High tech infrastructure

Gastronomical offer

Protected and secured space

Daily care of tenants

Our clients

Our clients are our success story and proof of the goals we've set for ourselves by creating Sky Office towers - and that is to become a recognizable destination for high quality office space.
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